Running Skewer

Entricote (Ribeye), Rump Steak, Maminha, Picanha (Rump Cover), Chourico, Hearts, Calf's Liver, Flank Steak, Chicken Pullet, Lamb Leg, Chuck Steak.

Running meat

On the table you will find a small green-red "traffic light" medallion, as long as the green side is facing up, meat will continue to flow to the table. Once you are full or want to take a break, turn the "traffic light" on the red side, this way you can let the passador know you are taking a break…


brazillian upgrading

Upgrades to the running skewer - beef fillet, veal ribs, goose liver: 50 grams goose liver, 100 grams fillet 100 grams lamb leg including bone. one-time serving.



Hot bread

Hot bread from the oven, served with house deeps



smoked meat stew with black beans


Fresh salad

with nuts, apples, cranberries, blue cheese & vinaigrette sauce


Sauteed mushrooms

with garlic, olive oil and parsley


Home Fries basket

sliced potatoes medallions


Seared Foie Gras

with home made jam


Beef carpaccio

spiced with balsamic vinegar, Italian parmesan cheese & capers - served with chopped parsley and fresh garlic


*The meat market is dynamic, the right to change is reserved with


(top round cut) – a lower back cut, fat free, yet juicy and deep in flavors. Not recommended above "medium" degree of roasting.

Rump steak

300 gr / 400 gr

₪129 / ₪149 / ₪179

Piquania steak

400 gr



300gr / 400 gr / 500 gr

₪129 / ₪149 / ₪179

T-Bone steak

500 gr


New York Strip steak

500 gr


Prime rib

500 gr


Lamb chops


*The meat market is dynamic, the right to change is reserved with us

Business lunches

Business lunches are served 7 days a week

Between 12: 30-17: 00, for club members until 18:00. A 30% discount will be given on the menu of the first courses and the main courses Opening a running skewer until 18:00 conditional upon a minimum order of 2 servings running skewer.

On Fridays, Saturdays and holidays

A 20% discount will be given on the menu of main courses and main courses until 17:00



condensed milk and dark chocolate cooked together and form Brazilian toffee, tawil under caramelized banana & coconut ice cream



Spanish profiteroles wrapped in sugar side with milk-based caramel dip


Chocolate soufflé

homemade with Belgian dark chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream