Double menu 279 ₪

Opening dish for diner (to choose from):
•Feijoada – Smoked meat stew with black beans
on white rice
•Sautéed mushrooms – with garlic, olive oil and
•Grilled eggplant – served with tahini and
peppers salsa
•Home Fries basket (sliced potatoes medallions)
served with chopped parsley and fresh garlic
•Fresh beef carpaccio – spiced with balsamic
vinegar, Italian parmesan cheese & capers
•Seared Foie Gras with homemade jam

Main course for a diner (to choose from):
• Entrecote steak – 250 gr (upgrade to 350
gr. Plus 10 shekel)
• Rump steak – The final cut of meat find at
the back of the cow, without fat, yet juicy
and deep in Flavors. Homemade premium beef burger 300 gr
• Fish Catch of the day (ask the waiter)
Chicken pullet steak – grilled
Pasta fettuccine with cream /Tomatoes

Including: glass of house wine red/white Or glass of lemonade

*no double benefits/discount
*available on sun-sat 14:00-23:00, Friday
*not available on jewish holiday eve and
new year eve (31.12)
Order a table call: 08-6372018
Or Press here

הזמנת שולחן
double menu